Innovative training solution for front line responders

MainSpring and its partners developed an innovative, online training solution to benefit medical personnel who will use the MC4 software on the front line.

Automated solution expedites rehab treatments for thousands

SAMHSA needed to process online waivers submitted by doctors who were requesting permission to distribute Buprenorphine for addicts. But, bottlenecked solutions and manual processes made the verification and reporting of each waiver time-consuming and costly. In effect, SAMHSA and DSG decided to partner with MainSpring to help expedite the distribution of treatment across America.

Nonprofit uses IT to improve productivity, reduce hunger

With outdated software and hardware, as well as an inefficient information architecture, DCCK suffered from poor communication and collaboration efforts—forcing them to reach out for help. By partnering with MainSpring, they've boosted productivity, which has saved them countless hours in the work week, as well as thousands of dollars per year. Now, they're investing that time and money back into their mission to reduce hunger!

User Centered Design saves thousands of dollars and creates flexible website network

Lack of cohesion and a poor user interface prompted ILSI to partner with MainSpring for a website overhaul. Together, they developed a solution that saved thousands of dollars, improved user experience and unified their network of sites. Their new website allows them to better advocate their mission: establishing global partnerships for a healthier world.

SharePoint improves user experience and increases productivity

Faced with a timely, manual contract approval process, MainSpring partnered to implement a new procurement system within the existing IESC SharePoint infrastructure, which eliminated the majority of steps, shored up internal controls and made the system much easier to use. As a result, the system has improved accuracy, speed, usability, transparency and oversight of the contract approval process.

CURE hospital

Just what the doctor ordered

Challenged with recording patient care of sick children around the world, CURE International and MainSpring partnered to build a custom electronic medical record (EMR) system using FileMaker. The results: 7,200 medical professionals armed with tools to standardize medical records, track supplies and automate reporting to improve care.

Taking the edge off manufacturing woes

St. Cloud Door Company’s business was booming, but its systems couldn’t keep up—not without breaking. They realized they needed to change before things got worse so they partnered with MainSpring.

Mother and Child

Technology streamlines massive fire inspection effort in Bangladesh

MainSpring worked to build a custom system that allowed Bangladesh safety inspectors to gather information in the field with an iPad and sync that data with their business offices. Once inspectors completed their reports, they used the solution to sync them to a centrally hosted database, accessible worldwide.