• Your business.

    You’re the expert in your own organization. You have a mission and business goals and the experience to get you there. The less time you spend evaluating your technology, the more time you can focus on what really matters—your goals.

    Spend your time wisely

  • Your technology.

    You already know technology is important. It’s supposed to be an investment in growth, not a commodity like furniture. If your time matters, why are you trying to be an expert in technology when you could be leading—setting and meeting your vision?

    Focus on your legacy

  • This is where we come in.

    MainSpring invests in being your IT strategy and customer service partner because when you grow, we grow. It’s that simple.

    How do we do it? MainSpring experts align technology with strategy to impact your bottom line. We help you know what you don’t already know.

    Instead of looking down at your technology, we look up, tying everything to your mission, vision and goals at the top of your plan.

    Why MainSpring?

  • Your customers.

    Customers feel the difference when you’re focused on them.

    With MainSpring you get strategy, simplicity and innovation to help you grow and better control your mission. It’s not just our promise. It’s our legacy. See for yourself.

    Our client stories

What we do

IT strategy and consulting

While our clients’ goals and technologies have changed over the years, our promise has remained the same. We arm businesses, non-profits and federal government partners with a simpler more innovative approach to tying technology to organizational goals.

Whether it’s reducing IT overhead, making employees more efficient, increasing membership or sales, or securing critical information, the goal is to use the right strategy, tools and resources to impact a strategic plan.

That’s where we believe every leader would benefit to learn our unique perspective on technology costs and results.

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IT management and support

Every organization wants some one or a team to manage their IT so they can focus on their business. They know they want a helpdesk system, proactive and reactive support, patching, backup, disaster recovery, cyber security—the works. Some want to be out of the IT business altogether and so they outsource it. We get it.

What leaders don’t know is what this should look like. We’re here to tell you that everything you’re asking for is simple and basic. The value you get with MainSpring is the strategy and consulting so that IT is an investment in meeting your goals, not an expense to keep you afloat.

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FileMaker expertise

Having the largest and most experienced FileMaker development group on the East coast has its advantages. It allows us to design, develop and implement creative application solutions for a variety of government and commercial U.S. and international clients.

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SharePoint expertise

Using a tool like SharePoint to organize, automate and collaborate is simple. Getting your team to adopt it is not. We understand that user experience is half the battle and know just the way to get you and your team to that ah-ha moment and beyond.

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Your employees are your largest expense, so are they working efficiently? Use some free tools to figure out what your employees could do to hit on all cylinders and let us help you create a training plan that works best for you.

We provide a variety of training options, like classroom, onsite, roving, workshop, online/webinar and self-paced learning on virtually every software application and soft-skills course.

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